Jenny Witte is Communications Manager for Johan Schot at the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges. Her responsibilities range from developing and implementing cross-channel communication strategies to content creation and the coordination of visualisations. Within the Deep Transitions project, Jenny works closely together with Geraldine Bloomfield to produce and oversee communication deliverables and Deep Transitions events. For more information follow @Jenny_Witte on Twitter or send an email to

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Blog - February 25, 2021

Grassroots Innovations for Sustainable Development – A DT Dialogue with Johan Schot and Adrian Smith

According to Smith and Seyfang (2007), the term ‘grassroots innovations’ describes networks of activists and organisations that generate novel bottom–up solutions for sustainable development –solutions that respond to the local situation and the interests and values of the communities involved. This differs from more mainstream greening practices in the sense that grassroots initiatives operate in…
Blog - November 4, 2020

Power to the people? The role of citizen collectives in fighting climate change: A #DTdialogue with Johan Schot and Tine de Moor

In pre-modern times commons or citizen collectives were an important mode of governance, in which groups of people collectively managed and used a collective resource, such as land, watercourses or fisheries. Commons functioned according to three underlying principles namely, solidarity, reciprocity and sufficiency. This implied that members of the commons could take as much as…
Blog - July 27, 2020

Deep Transitions, Green Transitions, Just Transitions: A #DTdialogue with Johan Schot and Mark Swilling

In this #DTdialogue Johan Schot and Mark Swilling reflect on Professor Swillings well-received book called “The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World” and relate the findings of the book to the Deep Transitions Framework.  Professor Swilling’s book, which Johan Schot describes as ‘an eyeopener’, is highly relevant to Deep Transitions research as…
Blog - March 23, 2020

The Future of Investments in Transformative Change

James Anderson of the Scottish investment firm Baillie Gifford plays a crucial role in the Deep Transitions project. He has not only been a driving force in realising a substantial donation to the project but can be seen as an ambassador of investments into long-term system change at the most pivotal time. “Actual investors think…